Friday 26 April 2013

H7N9 cases in China to be reported weekly instead of daily.

Well that will let the guys at FluTrackers get some more sleep. Mike at Avian Flu Diary(who could probably do with some sleep too) notes it might not have a real impact on provincial reports but time will tell. The info is nestled at the bottom of this report.

This is a real shame for the public who have been getting access to some great real-time data break-downs, assemblies and interpretations from the flublogians. 

Realistically, its not like we're entitled to these detailed data from China. It all takes work (and workers) to compile, release the number and organize and hold the official press conferences etc...but in the age of "always on" and instant internet gratification...I think we feel that is how it should be.

We would feel entitled to the information if it were a story about a terrorist act or the latest comings and goings of a public figure or personality, or sports scores. Its been nice to see something as important as the emergence of a new human pathogen receiving the attention it least so far.

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