Saturday 12 October 2013

Concise overview of MERS from mid-2013...

Publishing in the Oman Medical Journal, Blakhair and colleagues summarized the state of play for MERS back in July 2013.

While the numbers may have changed since then, the article is as relevant now as it was. Not much new data has been accrued to address the knowledge gaps listed in July despite 3-months and about 50 papers having passed.

The final summary is particularity useful I thought...

The fact that our current knowledge on this virus is sparse should not induce unnecessary panic or fear, instead it should promote vigilance and a state of preparedness. Over reaction to the current situation may lead to significant clinical, economic and epidemiological impacts among others.

The article also provides VDU's first ever citation in the scientific literature. Cool.


  1. The Struggle Against MERS-CoV (The Novel Coronavirus). Oman Medical Journal. 2013. 28(4):226-7

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