Wednesday 10 June 2015

Tracing the MERS-CoV cases in South Korea...

The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) News channel has made an awesome "bump map" or force diagram (thanks @Casillic) showing the layout of cases and the hospitals they passed through or were admitted to or transferred to.[1] It shows sex, deaths (9 across multiple facilities), profession, rounds of transmission and some dates (written as

Unfortunately for some of us, it's in Korean. If you, like me, are having trouble remembering your grade school Korean, I'm here to help (a little).

I've put together a screenshot of this awesome map as of today's count of  - no doubt the values will change tomorrow - and added onto it the hospital names in English. I highly recommend you visit the actual site though - the map is scalable and interactive. This snapshot does not do it justice and won't be updated like the map seems to be.

I've interpreted the hospital names by eye from the Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection's (CHP) excellent multi-lingual list of all the "MERS hospitals" released by the Korean health authority.[2,3] They may not be perfect and I'd be happy to take any suggestions and corrections (including what is in the orange boxes).

The index case, #1, is shown in green and is linked here to 2 clinics and a hospital - which differs a bit from the WHO story which includes a final move..."whereupon he was transferred to the nationally designated treatment facility for isolation".

The most recent additions seem to have a pulsing arrow (only visible at the source).

Made using a combination of sources. [1,2]
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