Tuesday 19 January 2016

Editor's Note #24 : Tweepidemiology Update #3...

I was involved with @UQ_News and others today in a discussion about use of social media for researchers today. I made the point that...
Which reminded me.

I haven't looked at #VirolDU's Tweepidemiology for over 6 months! 

So here's how the followers have been accruing since my lsat Tweepidemiology update.

These are data generated in response to a blogger who tweets and writes about a sliver of the viral infectious disease outbreaks that affect the world...

Followers of my @MackayIM Twitter account (and this blog which gets
promoted through it) since I started tweeting.
This shows the cumulative rises, pauses and dips of followers and the relationship between the rate of that rise and some active periods of infectious disease outbreaks..
Click on the graph to enlarge
Because everything generates data and every load of data looks better when graphical'd.

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