Saturday, 27 February 2016

Microcephaly: diagnoses and discards and those with Zika virus...Report #14

The latest Brazil MOH report on microcephaly was released earlier in the week – Report #14. 

The following is a summary of info after translation via Google.

·         There have been 5,640 reported suspected diagnoses of microcephaly sometime unspecified  in 2015
o    4,107 remain  under investigation
o   1,533 cases have been investigated and classified
  • 583 (38% of those investigated, 10% of all reported) have been confirmed
    • 67 (11% of confirmed microcephaly cases; 1% of suspected cases) have been laboratory confirmed as Zika virus infections (no detail provided on method or whether mum/foetus/infant/samples etc.
  • 950 (62% of those investigated, 17% of all reported) have been discarded

·        The MOH notes that if a diagnosis of microcephaly was confirmed, then the mother is to be considered ZIKV positive whether laboratory data are available/provided or not


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