Wednesday 9 November 2016

Time to pick ourselves up, learn from our mistakes and do better...

We've all learned some hard lessons in the past 24 hours. We've seen something happen that we can't really comprehend. But such is life. Life is always teaching, always surprising. And we should always be learning from it, from others and from ourselves. We should teach others - both the good and the bad.

Most who read this will be lucky people. Never forget the luck you were born into-nor deny it. Others are not so lucky and they wake up to that every day. 

Don't blame others for the place we find ourselves in. Be a better person yourself. Teach your children to be good people, to be accepting, forgiving and giving people. Be inclusive. Study, be kind. Don't give in to anger and hatred - they are easy to sow but hard to repair and in the end make nobody happy.

Make the world a better place and remember to bring everyone along with you. Boy, girl, any colour, shade, height, nationality or belief. Help others see the things you see and learn to appreciate what they see and share with you. Understand the patterns and changes in their lives and help them view our global community for the joys its tribes can bring - we share many things.

But do rage against the threats to progress and social justice that we now face all over the world. Do not stop calling out that which harkens back to darker days and ways of life otherwise we will find ourselves waking into those days.

We can be better than this and we should always strive to be.

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