Tuesday 14 March 2017

SNAPDATE: H7N9 by map...

With the latest numbers out from Hong Kong's Centre for Health Protection, Week 10 marks the second week of around a dozen human spillover cases - likley to be poultry to human infections.

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While the number of cases at each geographic location within China is small given the millions living in each region, this week's cases are spread across 10 provinces or municipalities. A huge area. 

Guangxi province is adjacent to Vietnam. It's always worth remembering that an outbreak anywhere can turn into a threat everywhere

From these numbers, there is no obvious escalation of human cases to suggest anything has changed in the way H7N9 infections are acquired; they remain relatively rare and from animal-to-human close contact.

While the cases are still coming, the totals (see weekly and daily bars below) shows a levelling off - at last suggesting a slowing of this season's epidemic. But stay tuned.

Numbers of human H7N9 cases.
Image taken from the VDU static H7N9 graphs and numbers page.
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