Sunday, 18 June 2017

Climate and science denial....

I'm in a reading and watching phase at the moment - not much time for writing. Two videos I've recently come across are so good that I've embedded them below; they are just so good at describing their topics.

Yes, I know this is not directly abort virology - but climate change (CC) and science denial very much does indirectly impact on the fields of virology - some example include

  • virus transmission
  • imported infection disease
  • mass gatherings and disease
  • virus vaccines
  • viral immnuology
  • emerging virus diseases
  • viral zoonoses
  • seasonal viruses

These two vids are also just important science communication tools for all of our everyday lives. Show your kids. So I've bookmarked them as much for my own future reference as for yours.

1. Why reducing carbon emissions matters. 

This was lifted from an article at The Conversation.[1]


2. Denial 101x: five characteristics of science denial.

This was also lifted from a longer article in The Conversation.[2]



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