Wednesday 15 May 2013

MERS - clear as mud.

Reports suggest 19-20 deaths now with 2 new cases, both healthcare workers, reported by the Saudi Ministry of Health. 

They release notes that "citizens, journalists and interested" can get information from the MOH website which is updated "first hand". 

Unfortunately the translator can't translate fixed graphics written in Arabic and used liberally through out the site, so look to click on the pretty coronavirus icon if you want to be updated and then go to the press releases. 

Apparently the translator also has some issues with Arabic numbers...or else the press reports are from 1434.[UPDATE 16.05: Please pardon my ignorance of the Islamic calendar. As DG has pointed out to me this morning, it is indeed the Hirji year (AH-anno hegirae) of 1434, part of what the Gregorian/Western/Christian calendar calls 2013. No offence was intended.]

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