Wednesday 29 May 2013

Nothing unusual about MTAs-are commenters just confused?

Material transfer agreements are more the norm than the exception among scientist used to local an d international collaborations whether working with exotic new viruses - or endemic seasonal viruses from the recent or distant past. 

An article in Science's ScienceInsider goes into more detail about the recent fracas. Perhaps some just don't understand the difference between MTAs, IP, business and public health needs?

It's worth noting that even if I wanted a sample of a common cold virus stored more than 50 years ago and now housed and maintained in one of the world's leading biological banks of such samples, I would have to sign an MTA that imposes restrictions on its downstream use. You can read the whole thing excerpt....

ATCC Material and Progeny: ATCC Material and Progeny may only be used by Purchasers Investigator for research purposes and only in Investigators laboratory.

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