Friday 21 March 2014

MERS in Kuwait...

It's a "MERS-in.." kinda day. 

The World Health Organization todayannounced a fatal case of confirmed MERS-CoV infection diagnosed in Kuwait [1].

Summary of the case details:
  1. The infected person was a 60-year old male
  2. A Syrian national
  3. Hospitalised 13-Feb-2014
  4. Died 6-Mar-2014
  5. Lab confirmed 9-Mar-2014
  6. He had comorbidities
A few things here worth noting I think:
  • There was quite a gap (24-days) between being hospitalised (not sure when the case started showing signs of illness) and having a laboratory confirmation (also 3-days after death)
  • While this is the 3rd case identified within Kuwait, it seems to be the first case that could be nailed down as having been acquired in Kuwait. I tend to try and list my numbers and maps by where the case was acquired rather than where they were diagnosed. Two previous MERS-CoV cases (FluTrackers #158 and #159; includes 1 case with camel contact noted) diagnosed in Kuwait had travelled outside Kuwait blurring the ability to see where they had picked up the virus

  1. WHO Disease Outbreak Notification 20-Mar-2014
  2. FluTrackers thread on Kuwait MERS-CoV case #1
  3. FluTackers on Kuwait MERS-CoV case #2

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