Wednesday 19 March 2014

Any differences in the sex of avian influenza A(H7N9) virus cases in different areas of China?

a) Male (blue) and female (lavender) lab-confirmed H7N9 human cases broken into the Province or Municipality of likely acquisition. b) The proportion of total H7N9 positives at each site of acquisition that are female (lavender).  The proportion of females in Wave 1 (Range of weeks beginning 18-Feb-13 to 20-May-12) and Wave 2 (07-Oct-13:current) are also shown as a horizontal line for comparison.
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This new chart idea was just a look-see at whether there is anything out of the ordinary about the sex distribution of H7N9 human cases in the different areas of China. These are total numbers from both Waves of H7N9 season.

I've included case numbers in Part a) as well as proportion of females in part b) to show that a value of 100% must be place in context of only 1 POS!

Nothing much to see here folks.

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