Saturday, 17 May 2014

Editor's Note #19: Just a pause...

Hi all,

Nothing fills me with more self-loathing than seeing VDU's charts being used when they are out of date...and I only have myself to blame! 

Generally speaking of course, I love seeing the charts used - that's what I make 'em for. But for some events, like the MERS-CoV localised epidemic, VDU's posts are out-of-date as quickly as the front page of yesterdays newspaper. So there is a need for a lot of night work.

I've been a little occupied with (drowning in) other paperwork of late - I do have a day-job after all - including a review of the fairly diverse MERS-CoV literature for a manuscript I'm writing.

As a result, I've fallen behind in updating my MERS-CoV (detections consistently roll in overnight but in smaller numbers than during April) and H7N9 (not many to add) charts.

I'll remedy this as soon as I can.


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