Tuesday 13 May 2014

Snapdate: MERS-CoV detection by month...

We are living in the 2.17th year, or 113th week, since the first known MERS-CoV-related illness affected a 25-year old Jordanian.

April stands out as the biggest MERS-CoV detection month ever, with 286 cases either becoming ill, being hospitalised or being reported as positive. But don't be confused by the differing values on the axes in the chart below. For all that May looks like a smaller cousin of April, its tally has already outstripped every other month of 2012 or 2013. 

72 cases so fall into May. But the rate of cases this month is slower than in April (see previous post). 

The tally of detections announced officially through WHO (which remains in a galaxy far, far, far away when it comes to detail on April-May cases) and from various Ministries of Health brings my worldwide tally to 580 MERS-CoV detections listed of which ~166 people have died of MERS. I'm still awaiting detail from WHO or UAE on 4 MERS-CoV cases that I do not list.

38% of May's case have died compared to 13% of April's (where I'm able to assign fatal cases to a month).

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