Thursday 3 July 2014

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) West Africa update for 1-July-2014... [UPDATED]

Some quick visualizations of the Zaire ebolavirus outbreak data based, as previously,[1] on the World Health Organization's publicly available data.

The presentation below is made using Tableau, a new platform for me so please let me know of anything that has failed, numbers that are wrong, something that's translated / formatted badly on your device...whatever. Tableau certainly allows for much faster updating of charts...once you've put a leash on it anyway.

PLEASE NOTE: I now have these same data on a static page (one with a webpage address that does not change with each updated blog).
Please vist the links below for the latest EVD numbers and maps.

  1. Ebola virus disease (EVD) West Africa update for 24-June, WHO-AFRO update...
  2. Ebola virus disease, West Africa – update | Disease outbreak news | 1 July 2014
  3. Ebola virus disease and lab testing...

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