Saturday 5 December 2015

The season of the mainly whenever the infection control fails

I still only see a "seasonality" to MERS and human MERS-CoV detections that is made up of the times when hospital outbreaks spread cases due to missed opportunity to control and prevent infection wihtin their walls. In other words - no real season at all. 

MERS-CoV is an opportunistic virus - which includes making the most of the frequent opportunities we humans provide for it to spread.

Data from public sources up until December 3rd 2015.
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Any true seasonality is in that small percentage of cases that are the result of a primary, sporadic infection from an infected and infectious camel. Those cases may be related to times of camel calf weaning when young camels acquire their first infection, or it might just be whenever a particular herd has MERS-CoV raging though it.

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