Friday 8 April 2016

Colombian Zika virus: microcephaly and neurological syndrome numbers...

Colombia's epidemiology report last week (Week No. 12) listed 7 of 32 (22%) microcephaly diagnoses across 4 territories, that were also confirmed - after testing undefined samples - as Zika virus (ZIKV) infected. They remain under investigation.[1]

There have also been 401 "neurological syndromes" (including Guillain-Barre syndrome [GBS] and ascending polyneuropathy) compatible with a history (not laboratory confirmed) of Zika virus disease (ZVD). 270 of the 401 correspond to GBS (see top graph [Graph No. 91] to the left). 

Keep in mind that the grey line in that graph is not laboratory confirmed ZIKV detections but total suspect cases. Check out the graph beneath it (Graph No. 89) - laboratory confirmed #Zika virus numbers peak in Week #3 - with the GBS peak.

This report also lists 1,183 laboratory confirmed ZVD cases in pregnant women and 10,053 suspected cases in pregnant women.


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