Wednesday 21 September 2016

The reach of Aedes aegypti in Queensland, Australia...

I made this, based on the State of Queensland,(Queensland Health) map from the 2015-2020 Queensland Dengue Management plan.[1] 

Feel free to use this image but please abide by the copyright 
notice found within the 2015-2020 Queensland Dengue management plan.[1]
Click on map to enlarge.
The map may be a useful accompaniment to the recent paper confirming Aedes aegypti is the most likely mosquito vector of Zika virus (ZIKV) in Australia.[2]

While Australia does have these mozzies, it does not have local ZIKV transmission and Dengue is not endemic in Queensland. 

Annual local outbreaks of Dengue do occur in Queensland but these result from imported cases and are confined to north Queensland.[1]

I've added in some other map-related information to the reference section as well.[3,4,5,6]


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