Wednesday 19 June 2013

Isothermal DNA MERS-CoV test

Laurie Garret noted this article about a new, relatively easy to use bedside test to be described at the upcoming Abu Dhabi Medical Congress.

The key piece of information here, as it sometimes is with bedside (Point of Care or POC) testing, is how its real-world (using clinical samples) sensitivity ranks against other testing methods. False negatives provide a sense of false security that can be disastrous for infectious disease management. Also, the types of sample that can be collected at the bedside are presumably weighted towards easier-to-access upper airway secretions. That will not play well for any virus that may be found more often in the lower airways at presentation.

Let's hope the test fits the bill. Fast, sensitive, specific and reasonably priced testing would make great inroads into infectious disease control. Time, and more information, will tell.

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