Monday 17 June 2013

MERS-CoV infection control: the French connection.

A Eurosurveillance article by Mailles and colleagues describes the procedures used to lock down spread of MERS-CoV once confirmed.

Confirmed cases were isolated in negative pressure rooms (they suck air in, instead of pushing air out of a room as usually occurs in an air-conditioned room, ensuring virus-laden particles cannot escape) with dedicated staff using contact and aerosol precautions (e.g. personal protective gear which may have included back fastening gowns, disposable gloves, filtering masks, glasses etc).

A close contact was asked not to return to work and to wear a surgical mask when with other people. Other close contacts had to carry a ask and do nit if they developed symptoms, but could otherwise continue with life as usual.

Airborne transmission was strongly suspected but other routes, including the possible contamination of surfaces from the stools of the index case who initially presented with diarrhoea.

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