Sunday 2 June 2013

Italy now hosts primary MERS-CoV cases.

Crofsblogs has been posting very informative pieces on these developments. I encourage you to keep an eye his and FluTrackers posts for the latest.

Two confirmed local cases of MERS-CoV infection, both presumed to be contracted from the imported 45M mentioned yesterday, both hospitalized in isolation in Florence (regional capital of Tuscany, population 3.8M).

Neither are severely ill. 45M's granddaughter (1.5-year old; coughing and fever, Meyer Children's Centre) was in contact on Sunday (approximately 6-day incubation) and a work mate have both tested positive.

Especially concerning in this cluster (Cluster #8) are the fact that 45M's flight from Amman Jordan stopped in Vienna and Bologna before landing in Florence. Also worrying is that the work mate and 45M's place of a Hotel.

Metropol anyone?

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