Wednesday 24 July 2013

Editor's Note #9: End of a (very short) era - beginning of a much longer new one!

...and the beginning of a new one! For the first time in 6021-days (or 16-years, 5-months and 26-days since 28-Jan 1997 in fact), part of Virology Down Under (VDU) has moved off the University of Queensland's servers. 

*sniff*But its only this relatively new format, the blog bit, not the rest of the site. For some reason, actual blog professionals want to be able to link to some of my ramblings. Go figure! I hope this new format helps.
This move allows a better record of the articles....for me as much as you...and it definitely speeds up the process of writing...a lot as I don't have to edit all the blog entry's HMTL and CSS by hand. Phew.

Perhaps it will free up some more time to revamp the older pages too.

You will now be able to leave comments: perhaps ideas, corrections or suggestions and you can get update alerts via sites like bloglovin'.

There will still be search capability through a Google search box, and I'll leave The Freezer (old blog entries) intact. I will endeavour to move all the old blog entries onto this Google-based Blogger platform...but it may take a while.

The original core business of the VDU site - its pages providing more relaxed information on different viruses, DNA and PCR - will remain on the University of Queensland server, thanks to the Sir Albert Sakzewski Virus Research Centre. Only the blog component will be moving.
It's been a long time and lot of tech since I started VDU on my home 486DX Gateway Pentium II (128Mb RAM and 6.4Gb HDD). Let's hope this new home for the blog has the same legs.

Thanks to Crawford Kilian for the nagging impetus to make the blog more citation-friendly, to my wife, Kat, for the idea of a dedicated blog site for VDU (and much more) and to my boys Corin and Ronan for being brilliant...and for giving me the time during their school holidays in March to get this blog started! 

Many thanks for reading. Returning to normal blogging tomorrow.

Editor in Chief, Virology Down Under

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