Monday 15 July 2013

ProMED in need...

Many of us get important early, validated global information about emerging infectious diseases, disease outbreaks or novel cases from the Program for Monitoring Emerging infectious Diseases (ProMED) email alerts.

ProMED mail lies between those sites which never seem to close down and constantly update us about infectious diseases (I'm looking at you awesome FluTrackers) and those more heavily-moderated representatives of larger bodies, such as the WHO's Disease Outbreak News.

But nothing comes for free and so to maintain the ProMED website, mailouts and Tweets, they run an annual ProMED-mail Internet-A-Thon. MERS-CoV...hate that guy?....well it's discovery was announced to it's 65,000 followers via ProMED mail.

That's just one example of information that made a tangible difference to the speed with which the world could respond to an unknown pathogenic entity.

Only 235 people donated last year, surely we can do better than that in 2013!

I strongly recommend donating today, right now even. I just did. It's PayPal enabled (link above) and it couldn't be easier to give to this, the only open-access, scientifically and clinically moderated collaborative source of information of its kind.

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