Thursday 11 July 2013

Where is sialic acid in different animals?

Some reviews (this and this) from a year or more ago went into this question. Tabulated for some animals below. There often seems to be at least some of the non-dominant receptor in each tissue so thing are not all or nothing.

Host Sialoside Tissues expressing most of it..
Human α2,3Eye, conjunctivae, tear duct, ciliated respiratory cells (minority) including cuboidal bronchiolar cells, type II pneumocytes
Humanα2,6Non-ciliated respiratory cells (majority) including nasal mucosa, paranasal sinuses, pharynx, trachea, bronchi
Pigα2,3 & α2,6Respiratory epithelium
Ferretsα2,3 & α2,6Respiratory epithelium
Chickensα2,3 & α2,6Respiratory and intestinal epithelium
Quailα2,3 & α2,6Respiratory and intestinal epithelium
Duckα2,3Intestine, trachea

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