Wednesday 25 December 2013

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays 2013

Hi All,

Just a quick wish from me to you for a Happy Xmas time.

If you are lucky enough to have been born into a wealthy country, enjoy your good fortunes and have a very festive and well-fed time with friends and family over the next few days. 

But please also spare a thought for the many more people on the planet who have a much harder road to travel each and every day. Perhaps add substance to that thought with a last minute present in the name of some of your loved ones, gifted to a charity that can help. This year I am supporting  UNICEF via their excellent range of charity gifts. Polio vaccination kits will be in a couple of Xmas stockings this year!

All the very best for a safe, happy, prosperous (well-funded) 2014.

Virology Down Under

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