Monday 9 December 2013

New MERS-CoV genome sequence on GenBank...

I'm a little bogged down in my day-job for lots of posts just now (and too busy at nights hanging Christmas lights at home!) but just thought I'd post about the latest Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus complete genome sequence that's dropped onto GenBank.

It was submitted in October but came online 7-Dec.

I've added in the likely FluTracker's case number - this is the nearest match to the collection date but it may be from the index case (FT#31); both detected in France, the former form the United Arab Emirates.

Key features...

  • Name: Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus isolate FRA/UAE, complete genome 
  • Date of sample collection: 7-May-2013, France
  • Sequence length: 29,901nt
  • MERS-CoV case: FT#34; 
  • GenBank accession number: KF745068
  • Link:
  • Authors: Enouf,V., Briand,D. and van der Werf,S.
  • Virus sample source: Vero cell culture isolate
  • Sequencing type: Sanger

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