Thursday 6 February 2014

H7N9 snapdate: 316/317 cases by sex and week of onset/date reported

Click on image to enlarge.The dates along the bottom (x-axis) are the first Monday
of the week begging with that date. Week 1 is that in which
the first human case showed signs of disease.
A quick look shows that the proportion of recent female avian influenza A(H7N9) virus human cases is consistently sitting at or above 30%.

The overall proportion of females that have been H7N9 positive to date is 33% (316/317 cases with data). 

But over the most recent weeks, cases have often been a little more female than the 51-week average...

  • Week 44: 50%
  • Week 45: 50%
  • Week 46: 31%
  • Week 47: 33%
  • Week 48: 45%
  • Week 49: 35%
  • Week 50: 30%
  • Week 51: 39%

These weekly data are based on the week of disease onset (if known) or date reported (if disease onset unknown). Only time will tell whether the proportion of females drops back down again, or continues at higher levels than we saw in 2013. Such is the nature of an average number.

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