Sunday 16 February 2014

Looking at the age and sex difference between H7N9 Wave 1 and Wave 2...

Thanks to CIDRAP's Dr. Nicholas Kelley for asking the question of whether I'd looked at the epidemiology of the H7N9-related deaths between Waves 1 and 2.

So that led to the charts below.

Click on image to enlarge.
Only laboratory confirmed cases and the fatal cases with enough data to identify them are shown.
Wave 1 was defined as from weeks beginning 18-Feb-2013 to 20-May-2013.
Wave 2 as from Week beginning 7-Oct-2013, until today.
Top row: total cases; surviving and fatal.
Bottom row: fatal cases. Approximately 17 are missing sufficient data to identify.
If we look at numbers, because eyeballing these charts can be misleading we see some differences, although not huge.

The average age (in years) is divided as below:

  • Wave 1
    • All cases: 56.9
    • Fatal cases: 64.5
  • Wave 2
    • All cases: 52.8
    • Fatal cases: 63.0
The proportion of Males (%) is divided thus:
  • Wave 1
    • All cases: 72.0
    • Fatal cases: 75.0
  • Wave 2
    • All cases: 66.3
    • Fatal cases: 82.1

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