Wednesday 18 June 2014

MERS-CoV detections by week...

Yeah, I got bored waiting. 

I finally came around to the fact that the data for MERS-CoV have always been so inconsistent that why worry about that now. So what about dates? I have no idea how long it will be until we see the WHO post data with dates for the hundreds of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) cases we know nothing much about that occurred in the Jeddah-2014 healthcare outbreak. The WHO without Gregory Hartl is a much less interactive entity on social media these days. One person can make such a difference.

As it stands, the KSA Ministry of Health has clearly decided to hold fast on not releasing dates for symptom onset, hospitalisation and death for new cases; the new and improved Command & Control Center (CCC) colour scheme speaks for the data....instead of having the seems.

Click on chart to enlarge.
So, the chart. It shows the end of the outbreak in western KSA...still...having been that way for a few weeks. Its hard to tell exactly when the cases have fallen out for the last 13 days or so, since we don't know when they became ill (which is what I use most often when plotting cases-and will again should those data ever become available). So take those dots over the last month with a grain of salt for now. I expect they will reduce in number as they sort into the preceding week(s). 

As I note in the chart - I do not include the "found113" cases here. They remain dodgy data for now. I'll also wait for the WHO to make sense of them.

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