Monday 23 June 2014

Snapdate: MERS-CoV by month..

An updated chart. 
[SNAPDATE'S are snap updates that don't have lots of detail and chat...although they almost always end up having lots of chat!]

Unfortunately there are 23 deaths I cannot assign to cases previously announced and so they are not shown in this chart. As the new CCC format continues and there is no WHO fill-in data to help out, this will be an ever-widening gap. One of several.

Into this gap, speculation and hand-waving will exist and thrive. As always. 

Previous caveats about the found113 remain in place too.[1]

The pattern of bad communication>change>good communication>change.... just keeps cycling on in MERSville. Why do we keep resetting-isn't that the question of the day?

MRS-CoV detection by month. Please note the difference in the y-axis scales; for 2014 data, it is set at 10x that of 21012 and 2013 (350 versus 35) to accommodate the much great number of cases - as indicated by the yellow star. 
Click on image to enlarge.
If the scales are not adjusted (h/t to @doctorsdilemma for reminding me that I need to keep things clear, even in a snapdate)...the outbreak's impact is more obvious, at the expense of having any real idea of the detail. Here's how that looks though just tt make the point more clear...

  1. Adding in the recent MERS-CoV cases by chart...we're back to 2013

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