Monday 23 June 2014

Snapdate: MERS-CoV in HCWs and those without symptoms

 Another quick chart update.

This shows what has been happening with healthcare workers (HCWs; Figure 1.) and asymptomatic outcomes of MERS-CoV infection (Figure 2) over time, around the world.

Figure 1. Healthcare workers shown accumulating over time (pink mountain; left-hand y-axis) and as a proportion of total MERS-CoV detections each week (pink dots linked by dashed lines; right-hand y-axis, percentage). I've also added in a cumulative average (HCWs each week divided by accumulated MERS-CoV detections at that point; right-hand y-axis, percentage)
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Figure 2. MERS-CoV-positive people without signs or symptoms of illness. Numbers are shown accumulating over time (orange dots/line; left-hand y-axis) and as the number each week (blue dots/line; left-hand y-axis). I've also added in the proportion of all MERS-CoV detections in that week ,who were described as being asymptomatic (grey bars; right-hand y-axis, percentage).
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This is all at the mercy of publicly available data of course, and if you've ever read this blog you'll know what I think about the quality of that for MERS! If not, read through past posts like these ones here, here or here.

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