Tuesday 23 December 2014

Christmas 2014: give the gift of help...

I wrote a little guide back in August listing some places where one could donate if seeking to help out in the battle to contain Ebola virus and try and prevent more loss of life due to Ebola virus disease (EVD). 

With Christmas day nearly upon us, and many who read this blog likely to be doing something to celebrate it involving the giving of gifts to friends and loved ones, please think about donating to help the fight. 

You can easily add a donation, in the name of your friend or loved one, to help a range of organisations help save lives. I've re-posted my earlier list below in case you need some ideas. These donations can be made online-you can even get in a little Christmas craft and make a "voucher" tells the recipient what they did to help!

And the donation does not need to be limited to EVD of course! These organisations supply aid in many ways to those in all sorts of need. They also have a good record of getting that help to where it really needs to go. In some cases you can see that these guys spend most of your donation on tangible items and real aid - not on administration - a good thing to look out for. 

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