Thursday 10 April 2014

Update on Ebola virus disease (EVD) case accumulation chart with new UNICEF data...

Click on chart to enlarge.
Thanks to a UNICEF Australia's update I've added a few cases to the produce a new chart; I expect we'll see some WHO numbers soon, and I'll update if there are any differences.

Check the version number in the bottom left hand corner - it defines whether it is the only chart of the day from VDU, or one of several.

The new version shows the proportion of fatal cases holding fairly steady at ~60% of all cases. This calculation includes those cases that also that look like EVD but have not been laboratory confirmed as EVD, as well as those that have been confirmed.

As I went into yesterday, these are very volatile numbers, so regard this chart for its trends only.


  1. UNICEF Australia's PDF of numbers from ~3-hours ago

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