Sunday, 13 March 2016

Colombia tracks a decline in Zika detections...

The latest epidemiological report on Zika virus (ZIKV; week #9) has been produced by the excellent Colombian National Institute for Health team.[1] And it is treasure trove of information.

Their weekly plot shows a now steady drop in ZIKV detections - one that has been occurring for the past four weeks.

Without accurate information about the denominator - check out yesterday's "Where's the Zika, Brazil?" for context - it's hard to know if this is real, or if it's possible that fewer samples were tested overall.

But let's just believe it's real and as such, it's great news for the region. Why it might be dropping is unknown - perhaps mosquito interventions have begun to bite (ouch) - or the weather has turned and is not longer ideal for mosquito breeding. 

There are always questions aren't there?

For an updated visual representation of the Colombian ZIKV figures, do check out, and revisit, the new Health Intelligence page, "Zika Virus Disease Outbreak in Colombia: A Tool for Monitoring Cases".[2]


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