Thursday 3 March 2016

Microcephaly: diagnoses and discards and those with Zika virus...Report #15

The latest Brazil MOH report on microcephaly was released 03-MAR-2016 – Report #15. 

The following is a summary of info after translation via Google.
  • There have been 5,909 (+269 since last week) reported suspected diagnoses of microcephaly sometime unspecified in 2015
    • 4,222 (+115) remain under investigation
    • 1,687 (+154) cases have been investigated and classified
      • 641 (+58; 38% of those investigated, 11% of all reported) have been confirmed 
      • 82 (+15; 13% of confirmed microcephaly cases; 1% of suspected cases) have been laboratory confirmed as Zika virus infections (no specifics on method or whether mum/foetus/infant/samples etc)
      • 1,046 (+96; 62% of those investigated, 18% of all reported) have been discarded 
The MOH notes that if a diagnosis of microcephaly was confirmed, then the mother was most likley infected by ZIKV and that the figure of 82 is an inadequate representation of the number of cases related to the virus.[2]

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