Thursday 10 March 2016

Microcephaly: diagnoses and discards and those with Zika virus...Report #16

The latest Brazil MOH report on microcephaly was released 09-MAR-2016 – Report #16 which extends the data to 05-MAR-2016; epidemiological week #9.[1]

The following is a summary of info after translation via Google.

  • There have been 6,158 (+249 since last week) reported suspected diagnoses of microcephaly since unspecified in 2015 
    • 4,231 (+9) remain under investigation 
      • 1,927 (+240; 46% of thse under investigation) cases have been investigated and classified 
      • 745 (+104; 39% of those investigated, 12% of all reported) have been confirmed 
      • 88 (+6; 12% of confirmed microcephaly cases; 1% of suspected cases) have been laboratory confirmed as Zika virus infections (PCR or serology but no specifics on which or whether mum/foetus/infant/samples etc) 
      • 1,182 (+136; 61% of those investigated, 19% of all reported) have been discarded
Notified and confirmed microcephaly diagnoses by municipality, Brazil.[1]

Population density in Brazil by State, 2014.

My thanks to Jorge Pontual for the early alert to the release of these MOH reports.


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