Friday, 29 July 2016

Editor's Note #26: Virology Down under gets an award!!

Well this is some pretty cool news to wake up to on a Friday morning!!

Virology Down Under (this blog and its extended presence on LinkedIn and Facebook) has just been awarded one of "Top Innovations of the Year of 2016" awards for global engagement.

I'm one proud little blogger!

With the moniker of Join. Contribute. Make A Difference, has been a welcome addition to the field of open, public-speak communication of health information and provides an avenue for health professionals to explain things to an eager and wide audience. 

My partner in crime (and life) @kat_arden and I have written a few pieces for this site now, including our latest effort - The Language of Zika Virus Testing. No doubt we'll contribute more as time allows and needs dictate. 

If you haven't already, it's also a great idea to have a try at writing in a different non-academic style of language too.' editors can help you out with that if needed. 

We also love that is open-access, free and shares our enthusiasm for wanting to make a difference in some way.

You can see other award winners at:

Thanks team - #VirolDU is honoured to be a part of your goals.

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