Friday 20 September 2013

Editor's Note #10: VDU takes a break...

Hi All,

Just to let you know that Virology Down Under is having a rest for a few weeks. 

I'll be away from my desk for some of that time so posts will be rare or absent.

Please keep an eye on on my fellow infectious disease watchers. Each of these sites has its own "personality" and all are worth checking out regularly. You can also follow them via Twitter which is a great way to see new post announcements and gain other insightful information gems. They Big3 are:
Since MERS-CoV has been in focus on VDU in recent weeks, if for no other reason than because it needs as many hands helping you to wade through the data disaster as possible, here are my Hypotheses for the next few weeks:

  • No MERS-CoV pandemic, although cases numbers will rise as the hajj pilgrim numbers peak
  • Prospective studies to find out what's happening with MERS in the wider community of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will not be reported
  • Transparent and comprehensive coronavirus communication will have become the norm. Well, hypotheses are for testing aren't they?
Apart from lots of other posts that have not yet passed their use-by date (there are 250 now, many with at least the 350+ words of this one), there is the main Virology Down Under site which is slowly being overhauled to read more clearly. I've also got a bunch of new post ideas queuing up and I expect that my pile of H7N9-papers-to-be-read (like my pile of papers-to-be-written) will be even more daunting in a few weeks, than it is now. 

Since more of you seem to visit with each passing week, the viral views, news and...something that rhymes with news, will keep being posted in the future.

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