Wednesday 11 September 2013

FluTrackers: Updating the ordinary about the harmful.

FluTrackers are a rock onto which we bloggers hold for dear life while the torrents of poorly-crafted, or well-crafted but just plain overwhelmingly vast, information break over and around us each day.

It sometimes seems like FT posts before the events even happen. Possibly they do since they also track a lot of related detail and background information so they see trends that may precede the particular case or outbreak "offical" announcement  But they have very strong principles and they clearly discriminate between what is confirmed and what is under investigation  They want you to know what's going on when no-one else has yet got the message to you. 

I think the dedication that this driven band of multi-lingual fact-seekers displays is worthy of honorary doctorates. 

Perhaps they could be made founding members of  a Division, Infection Notification: Forum for Organised Real-time Monitoring - now that's a name by someone who really wanted the initials to spell out I.N.F.O.R.M.

Anyway, I wish the example set by FluTrackers was one that more public health entities followed. Information that is quickly and publicly available, all the time, on everything, from everywhere.

Cheers from VDU.

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