Saturday 7 September 2013

Tunisian father was MERS-CoV positive...

A retrospective diagnosis by the US CDC has confirmed that the father of a MERS-CoV-positive brother and sister in Tunisia (FluTracker's Cases: #42-35-year old female; 34-year old male) was indeed positive for the CoV as well. 

There was also a mention in BMJ of this cluster.

Earlier testing had not been able to confirm that the father, despite him being a probable case, had transmitted the virus to his children.

This raises the MERS-CoV case tally to 116 based on what has been reported by official Ministries and Councils. I assume we add the 2 deaths for which we have no information - they have been floating around for some time now - to this to make a total of 55 deaths (PFC of 47.4%). Not having the specific details makes these 2 very hard to confirm they are not just clerical or media release errors from the past.

The WHO count (based on what they have been officially told I assume) is at 110 cases with 53 deaths. This number of deaths agrees with what I actually have data for; PFC for the 53/110=48.1%).

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