Monday 2 September 2013

New MERS-CoV positives - is there a brevity competition going on...a shortage of electrons perhaps?

2 MERS-CoV POS, 26 and 19 years, released from hospital.

That is the only relevant text from 68 Google translated press release words on these 2 new cases posted on the Arabic language Ministry of Health website, Saudi Arabia. 56 words on the English-language site. I used half as many just explaining where it came from.

2 other cases were announced as positive and already discharged (the children of the 38M from Harf Al Batin, from where 1 of the cases above also tested positive) as well.

So much for being hopeful of a new era of data sharing on Friday. Must have thought better of it after the weekend.

So we're at 110 cases, 50 deaths (1 still unaccounted for) resulting in a fatal case proportion of 46.4%. That's about 16 cases reported since August 20th after a nearly 3-week pause in new cases being described. That's a rate of 1.2 lab confirmations reported per day

Not exactly setting the world on fire but it is worth considering what may be happening among other contacts; those perhaps not defined as close enough to test with PCR. If there are any of course. Hospital-based cases can be a great sentinel of an increase in mild respiratory viruses infections out in the broader community. 

My first source: Avian Flu Diary's article

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