Wednesday 23 April 2014

Ebola update: some additional numbers for Guinea & Liberia from 20-April, WHO-AFRO update

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The case curves are flattening which is a good sign that he 2014 West African Zaire ebolavirus outbreak is being brought under control. 

Nothing new is happening in Sierra Leone-no new case onsets have occurred there since 6-Apr. Nothing has tested positive in Mali.

The previous SitRep [2] seemed to have lowered the Liberia case numbers but they have popped back up again - perhaps part of the "cleaning" of case data there - and that has made it "look" like a jump (contributing to the grey bar), when it may have been a more gradual rise.

The most recent activity is in Guinea, where the last cases isolated were on 20-Apr.

Finally, despite all the Tweets flying around about the virus having spread to Europe and "broken containment", that would not seem to be the case from the latest report. Oh and the lack of any credible source for that.



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