Sunday 13 April 2014

Yemen announces its first case of MERS-CoV...

The MERS-map. This broadly highlights the sites of
all cases to date. It is not yet clear whether the Yemeni
case was locally acquired or imported from the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Click on image to enlarge.
Mike Coston has just detailed over on his blog, Avian Flu Diary, the culmination of his FluTracker's Sharon Sanders searching and discussion about the social media noise pointing towards there being a possible case of MERS in Yemen.[1] Mike notes that Reuters is now carrying a general story about an ill male aeronautical engineer.[4]

FluTrackers is now carrying a confirmation [3 and also 4 and others] by the Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr. Ahmed Qasim Al-Ansi, that a case has been confirmed in San'a (popn ~2-million), the capital city of Yemen.

This is the 1oth State to host the virus.

It is not yet clear who did the testing, the condition of the patient, if the testing has been confirmed to the WHO's satisfaction or whether the case was acquired within Yemen (any travel or contact with another known case from outside the country) or is an imported case.

We await the WHO disease outbreak news article or a more detailed account from Yemeni Health Officials.


  1. Mike Coston's post on the first major media report about the Yemini MERS case
  2. FluTrackers link to confirmation
  3. Discovery of the first infected "Corona" in Yemen and specialty health operations room to continue.
    Yemen announces record first case of HIV Corona [Editor: its a translation thing]

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