Sunday 11 August 2013

Editors's Note #11: A 5-min interview with me, on MERS-CoV

I was asked to chat about the MERS-CoV by FullSpectrumSurviviral, a YouTube Channel that produces the segment, News in Two Minutes.

Their newest venture is a segment called 5 Minute Interviews, interviewing researchers and individuals on current topics with a view to providing short bursts of quality background information for an interested audience. 

Because VDU was created with a view to breaking down the science of Virology and all its interconnected fields, I'm happy to do this sort of thing if I can make the time. I'm also very privileged to have been asked to be part of eh first interview in this new series. Have a look - perhaps there will be something in there that's new and interesting. 

Man, I still say "Um" a lot when I'm nervous!

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  1. dr. Mackay enjoyed this quite a bit. I have now bookmarked your site. thank you.


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