Tuesday 27 August 2013

New MERS-CoV case in Qatar [UPDATE: CONFIRMED; details for 59M updated]

My 1st source on this: FluTrackers

The Kuwait News Agency reports that the Qatari Supreme
Council of Health (SCH) has logged a 29-year old male (29M) as having MERS-CoV. He is reportedly in intensive care and in critical condition.

No sign of official confirmation as yet though. [UPDATE: The SCH, through a media outlet rather than its own news section, has confirmed the case.] If confirmed officially, this will bring the total lab-confirmed MERS-CoV case number to 103 or 104 (see here last week's Qatari 59M case and for comment about a case numbering issue that might mean another case is positive somewhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). 

FluTrackers just tweeted that this is the 10th MERS-CoV case reported in a week. Quite a drought breaker.

A history of MERS-CoV cases in Qatar (n=4) 
Dates are of local news reports; not Australian time) noting their age in years, sex , FluTrackers case number, and where they might have acquired there infection:

  1. 22.09.12, 49M, #4
    • Likely local acquisition (see publication)
    • Flown to the United Kingdom
  2. 12.10.12, >45M, #6
    • Likely local transmission (see publication)
    • Flown to Germany for treatment
    • Lived in Doha
  3. 20.08.13, 59M, #97
    • Likely local transmission (see WHO disease outbreak news)
    • Only travelling outside of Qatar for 6-days during which he became symptomatic. 
  4. 26.08.13 29M, #104
I am not including the 2 local Tunisian acquisitions in the Qatar list. These 2 adults (34M and 35F) most likely caught their MERS-CoV infection from their father,who most likely acquired it from Qatar. Nonetheless it seems his children acquired their infection in Qatar. Moreover  the father tested negative to the MERS-CoV - despite it being likely that he was truly positive.

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