Wednesday 28 August 2013

Two new MERS-CoV cases including new death

1st source for this post: FluTrackers (FT)

FT has found that the Arabic language version of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Ministry of Health (MOH) website has added a new MERS-CoV case; that of a 55-year old with underlying disease (kidney failure) who is currently in an intensive care unit in Medina (along the western edge of KSA).

Sadly a 2nd notification is that of a confirmed MERS-CoV case who died of respiratory failure after pneumonia; a 38-year old from Batin (Hafar Al-Batin? - if so, in the north of KSA, near the border with Kuwait).

Sex for both cases is unknown. Update not yet on MOH English language site.

This brings the total to 105 (including a mysterious case that FT is still following . 49 cases have died. The proportion of fatal cases (PFC) now stands at 46.7%

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