Friday 9 August 2013

WHO urges: don't put camel before the cart....

..or pretty much any other animal that may, although we have no data to support it (except for bats but no-one seems to think their is much chance of bat-human spread being the main source), be infected by the MERS-CoV and acting as a source for human infections  if in fact the results from today's Lancet article are not simply a cross-reaction with a non-MERS CoV.


Twitter tonight has had an almost constant stream of Tweets from @WHO and @HaertlG including these...

I think those first 2 are particularly useful. I wasn't aware of how much, or how little camel contact there had been. Good to know. 

WHO also points to today's updated FAQ on the MERS-CoV - please check out the new material.

However, is it not worth being a little positive about this finding? These seem fairly negative responses given that it is our first non-bat lead so far. In a disease with so many unknowns I think today's new research holds up as a pretty good contribution towards improved understanding.

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