Thursday 22 August 2013

Two new MERS-CoV cases and the death of an existing case, all from Riyadh

FluTrackers reports on two new MERS-CoV cases and the death of a previously infected person.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's English and Arabic Ministry of Health (MOH) notes a 50-year old male (50M) and a 70-year old female (70F), both with underlying diseases and without dates of illness onset or hospitalisation. Both are in an intensive care unit.

On the Arabic-language site only, is the announcement of the death of a 54-year old "citizen". No sex or date of illness onset or hospitalisation or anything else that gives a clue as to who this may be. I have no 54-year old people on my list. 

There is still no English-language MOH version of the announcement of the previous 2 MES-CoV cases (50M and 59M) 2-days ago. The last English update, prior to the cases tonight, was August 1st.

A very piecemeal way of disclosing public health information. I can't imagine this gives many prospective visitors a good sense of the situation being under control and carefully managed.

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