Friday 9 August 2013

Influenza A(H7N9) virus detected by local labs: Guangdong province...awaiting CDPCC confirmation

Not long ago, FluTrackers posted a thread starting with an ifeng news of a 51-year old woman who has tested positive for H7N9 Guangdong province, southern China. This is the province's first human case. She has influenza-like illness, contact with 36 people and with poultry.

The case was identified by the local in Huizhou City Center for Disease Control (CDC) and samples shave been sent to China Disease Prevention and Control Center for confirmation.

I won't update the flu map on my main H7N9 page tonight (its 10pm, August 9th down here in Aus) - but it will loo like the above if confirmed.

Guangdong province is the nearest mainland Chinese region to Hong Kong. With Guangdong's temperature peaking today at 35'C (currently 34'C) - its not "typical" influenza seasonal weather - but then this is just a single case and influenza, like all respiratory viruses, is always ticking over, just at sub-epidemic levels.

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