Monday 20 January 2014

H7N9 snapdate: cumulative case chart

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This is a new idea for VDU's blog: the snapdate or "snap update". It covers those times when I have little more to say beyond what a chart conveys yet still more words than a Tweet can cover.

This is a snapdate of 205 avian influenza A(H7N9) virus cases.

That Zhejiang slope looks eerily familiar. I know 205 is only 6 more than 199, but crossing a multiple of 100 is "a thing" for me. 

Something I tweeted yesterday that I thought was interesting when comparing the earlier "bird flu" to (one of many of) the latest...

  • >200 H7N9 cases in <1-year
  • >645 H5N1 cases in >15-years
Despite all the papers and press, it still feels like the fluff over H7N9 has been less all-encompassing than that for H5N1 was/is, even though H7N9 reached its first 100 cases in fewer than 2-months.

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